Livetext FAQs
1. What is the web address for LiveText? www.**livetext**.com BOOKMARK it or save it as a FAVORITE in your browser. Remember Internet Explorer works well most of the time but if you are having problems use Firefox.

2. What if I forgot my username and/or password? Use the link on the LiveText homepage for Forgot Username/Password. The one thing you will need to know is the email address you used when you created your account. If that has changed since registration contact or call Phone: 1-866-LiveText (1-866-548-3839).

3. How do I get back to the template that I downloaded in class? Once you log into LiveText, select the Documents tab near the top. You will then see the link to open the portfolio on the My Work page. Click on the title of our portfolio; most portfolios have either your name or your cohort group as the title (ex. TMA 28).

4. How do I edit a section? From within the document, click the Edit link that corresponds with the section you wish to edit. The Edit link is located to the right of each section. Click within the text box and begin typing. Text from other programs such as Microsoft Word can be pasted into the editor. If you are pasting from another program remember to keep the formatting simple in the original document. If you want to add formatting such as bullets and centering, do that using the LiveText editing tools after you have pasted in the text. When you are finished editing, click the Save & Finish button in the top right corner of the editing window to view the document.

5. What is the File Manager and why should I use it? The File Manager is where all of your documents/images are stored within LiveText. It is the best way to upload any artifact that you think you might want to use within your portfolio. All of your work is stored safely with LiveText and there is no worry about losing your work before you attach it to your portfolio. Think of it as your personal storage space. Your documents are there when you are ready to attach them. Look for the File Manager link in the right margin when you first log in. Or select the Documents tab at anytime and you will see it on the right margin. Just follow the prompts to Upload your files.

6. How do I attach documents/images? From within an editing window you will see Image: edit and Attachment: edit near the bottom of the page. Clicking either of these links will allow you to see all of the items you have loaded in the File Manager. Select the one you want and then Save and Finish. OR you have the option to Upload a new file within this editing window in case the item you want was not previously loaded in the File Manager.

7. How do I send my portfolio to a professor for review? From within the portfolio, click the Send for Review button located above the page title on the left side. Enter the last name of your professor in the Search for Reviewers text box. Based on the first few letters of text entered, LiveText's Autocomplete Share Mechanism predicts the name of the LiveText member with whom you want to share. The system will display the first 15 matches below the search text box. Click on your professor’s complete name after it is displayed. Click the Send for Review button. Remember that if you are Sending for Review the professor sees a snapshot of the portfolio as of that moment. If you edit the document after Sending, the professor will not be able to see any changes. You would need to Sending for Review again.

8. How do I see the comments that my professor made once I have sent my portfolio to be reviewed? Log in to LiveText and select the Reviews tab near the top. Next select the Sent tab. Your portfolio will be listed there. When you open your portfolio from this window you will be able to see any embedded comments. Comments can only been seen while in the Reviews feature, your original work has not changed.

9. What is the difference between Send for Review and Share? Sharing is different in that it only needs to be done once. Once shared with someone they will always see the current version of your portfolio. Comments cannot be made within a Shared document. Your professor will tell you if they want you to Share or Send for Review.

10. How can I view a Trevecca MAT Graduate Student eportfolio sample?

· Log into Livetext
· Choose the Community tab
· Choose the Library tab
· In the Search field type in - Trevecca
· Click on “Trevecca MAT Graduate Student example”

11. How do I create a visitor’s pass?

Follow ALL of these steps:

· Once you log into LiveText, click Visitor Passes under Quick Links on the right side of the screen
· Click the New... button
· Enter a title for the Visitor's Pass, usually the name of the visitor
· Click the Save button
· You will see your Visitor's Pass listed with a code consisting of letters and numbers

· Open your portfolio, click the Share button
· Enter the Visitor's Pass title (not the code), in the Search Viewer text box
· Based on the first few letters of text entered, LiveText's Autocomplete Share Mechanism predicts the name of the Visitor's Pass with whom you want to share
· Click the Add to Share button
When your visitor goes to and enters the Visitor's Pass code (not the title) in the textbox under Visitor's Pass Area, the visitor is able to view the LiveText document you shared with the pass. You can check to see if a visitor has viewed your portfolio by going to Visitor Passes under Quick Links!